Rica - Brazilian Wax Avocado Large (Non-Strip Wax - 800ML)611_648

Rica - Brazilian Wax Avocado Large (Non-Strip Wax - 800ML)

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Rica - Brazilian Wax Avocado Large (Non-Strip Wax - 800ML)

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Rica - Brazilian Wax Avocado Large (Non-Strip Wax - 800ML)
  • Avocado Butter
  • Privacy
  • Smooth Waxing
  • Pain-less
  • Thin Consistency
  • Vitamin A,E & D
  • Healthy & Radiant Skin

  • RICA Brazilian Wax with Avocado ButterMade in ItalyFor Bikini & Face WaxVolume: 400mlLight greennon strip waxDescription:-The unique formulation for this stripless wax is enriched with AvocadoOil and milk to nourish, moisturize and tone the skin. The thin application allows for a much quicker drying time in comparison to conventional ‘Hard’ waxes while allowing for a much more comfortable waxing experience ideal for sensitive areas, with little to no irritation.Skin Type:-Sensitive AreasHow To Use:-Take off plastic lid and remove aluminum lid underneath. Replace plastic lid.Place wax can in heater and turn thermostat on maximum setting for a quick melt.Occasionally stir wax until proper consistency has been reached.Turn heater down to normal temperature.Clean the area to be waxed with Cotton Milk Pre-Wax Gel.Apply wax in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth.Note: The quantity of RICA’s Film Wax is about ½ as thick as a typical hard wax and about twice as thick as RICA’s Liposoluble Wax.Wait 1-2 seconds for the wax to cool and press firmly to ensure proper adhesion.Hold the skin taut and remove the wax in one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth, parallel to the skin.

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    Normal Skin
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